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Her heart yearned for love but she must choose battle.

(romantic science fiction in a fantasy world: cover and novel coming soon) Princess Shawnia only intends to marry for love, but when her prairie kingdom is invaded by strangers with unimaginably fast transport and deadly weapons never before seen, she forges an alliance with the northern kingdom sealed by her marriage to their prince. The northern prince is handsome and charming, but cultural differences and her heart threaten the alliance. Despite realizing what the marriage will cost her, she resolves to see it through in order to save her people.

Valley Girl North

(romantic women’s fiction: cover and novel coming soon) In 1986, Elaine Richardson has the education, home, and material wealth her parents provide. Despite her wish to live independently, her father wants her to be a socialite wife. He introduces her to Ken, a handsome young lawyer, who offers her the same good life her parents enjoy, but Roland, an equally attractive maintenance manager, offers her a chance at independence, if she dares to forge her own path.

As she struggles to balance the expectations of her parents and best friend with her own dreams and ideals of love, her determination is tested. Only after the dark side of The Good Life is exposed does she decide “happy enough” is not enough.

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Romance, family drama, corporate intrigue: a novella of two love stories (romantic fiction)

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Comments from advance readers of Princess (cover and novel coming soon):

Princess is a wonderful romance between two engaging characters with a compelling underlying storyline rich in suspense.

Christine Yee ~ reader

Reviews to come

I read Princess as a story with two main parallel tracks. One a mystery about the collision of an iron age civilization and a science fiction / high tech unknown enemy. The other main track was the country girl goes to the big city and gets caught in a love pentagon. It would never have occurred to me to combine the two, but you did it well and both stories were better because of the depth they added to each other.

Micah Bates ~ author

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Monica Goertzen Hertlein

Author of romantic science fiction, women’s fiction, and fantasy