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New Year 2024

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2023 in Review:

My 2023 NaNoWriMo (interNational Novel Writing Month) goal was part traditional and part rebel; I aimed to write 50,000 words of a new novel but I began October 15 and finished November 29 (I was travelling November 30, yes, someplace warm). I also planned to write for 30 days straight. I met both goals, although the novel is yet to be completed. It will be my 6th manuscript.

My other goal was 100 rejections in 2023. I counted them up: 72 rejections from journals on short stories/flash fiction, 16 rejections/no response from publishers on manuscripts, and 4 rejections from agents. Pretty close! I also sold 3 short stories which meant withdrawing those submissions from other journals so I’m safe to say I completed at least 100 submissions in 2023. Whew.

Now, hello to 2024. I’ve learned stuff. I’m going to try new stuff. I’m also going to keep pounding out submissions and hope the bits of encouragement carry me through the next onslaught of submission/rejection/revision/submission.

Thanks for reading!

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