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Author Biography – Monica Goertzen Hertlein

Monica’s Story

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My Story

Fangirl, cat lover, accountant, writer.

I always loved reading. I wanted to be an author as far back as I remember, but never thought writing was a real job. So I dabbled with pen and paper and on my Apple IIc (go look it up, ye who have never worked with floppy disks) but took it no further.

In 2014, I began writing again. I shared several works online before finally committing to words the stories I had enjoyed in my head for decades (quite literally, I found an early chapter circa 1993 of the first novel I would like to publish).

I am now polishing and editing the first of those manuscripts (one romantic science fiction/fantasy, one romantic women’s fiction) and hope to publish in 2023. As soon as I get help with covers. And titles. And of course, final professional edits.

Thanks for being interested enough to read this! I use she/her pronouns if you want to drop me a line.


My husband noticed I missed a few: Wife. Mother.
Runner. Lutheran. Introvert. Reader. Sociologist.

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